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FDM Construction company understands that business is about people, services, and products. These are the 3 pillars o which we incorporate into every commercial design project we take on. Who are the people this business will serve? How will services be offered using this space? What products should we use in our construction projects to meet our clients needs AND to best serve their customers for years to come?

Its easy to design a modern, clean, and open floor plan multi-use space on paper with tons of natural light, wall to wall marble, chevron tiled floors, and immaculate views. We can drop in 3D previews showing your employees meeting with clients, dining on a stone terrace by the water, or and kids playing on a playground. We design properties that reflect the unique clientele that our customers serve and we bring the institutional knowledge to ensure that we can counsel and advise on construction or design features or future needs that they may not already know to ensure that they have a safe, compliant, beautiful, and functional space so they can get back to their business as quickly as possible.

FDM is more than just a distinguished homebuilder, we are custom home makers. We design unique properties tailored to each of ur customers If you're in need of any kind of property improvement projects for your home or commercial space, consider working with FDM Construction LLC. For each of our services we have experienced professionals that will handle your project with detail and care. Lets discuss your dream home and design it room by room.




In DC, space is at a premium and FDM has built up, down, and out in every quadrant. Whether you are building an extension with a deck or a pop up with a terrace, FDM can design a home that provides you and your family with the space you need.

The perfect home ought to give you what you want at a price that’s right for you.
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